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How do you prepare for the biggest day of your life?

I have no idea how to prepare for the biggest day of my life - the birth of my son. I would like to have a guide. A checklist. Someone to take away the waiting, my fears, and my nervousness. The anticipation, the moments of happiness, and the love, I'll keep those of course 😊.

So here I sit now, all tidied up, listening to podcasts, packing my things, and trying to distract myself with so many things that I realise I can't run away from my emotions.

I'm trying to find my courage, my sense of adventure, and my joy of discovering new things again. After thinking about it for a while, I ask myself how I did it when I travelled to Africa. I was nervous too, yet felt almost the same emotions - before my next big adventure. I realise I can't compare a trip to Africa with a child 😊 but an adventure they both are.

Suddenly I remember my blog post from 2017:

The winds of change are always blowing.

Don't forget to raise the sails.

I set out on a voyage to discover myself.

To find out who I am and to live for the moment.

I jumped in, embracing the unknown and submerge myself in a challenge.

I realised no matter which path I took; it always gives to me what I needed.

Our lives are not our own unless we carve out a part for ourselves.

To pause and take a deep breath – is to dance with the universe.

To see every decision and every consequence makes sense in the end.

But first, you have to let go.

I learned to write my own story, to let go and just be.

I realised that my heart is free if I have the courage to follow it.

Even while reading, I notice that something changes inside me. I feel love, strength, confidence, and adventurousness rising inside me.

All my decisions over the last few years have led me to this moment today. It all makes sense. And with this knowledge, I am jumping in and embracing my new journey - getting to know my son, finding myself in a completely new role as a mother, and writing a new chapter of my story. I want to dance with the universe.

And so, I embark on the greatest adventure of my life - a little freer. Because my heart is free when I have the courage to follow it.


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