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The Superpower of Confidence Podcast - Isa Tschugmall: how to behave around big cats

Thanks so much for having me on your #podcast “The superpower of confidence” - love your inspirational platform 💪🏽 @bencomedian - Benjamin Delahaye

check it out on @youtube or @spotifypodcasts

Isabelle Tschugmall describes her journey to leave the safe finance world in Switzerland to set up a Safari guide activity in Bostwana. She also shares how to behave when you are amongst big animals in the bush and how to maintain your confidence in that situation.

Isa “in the middle” organizes with her female team individual safaris to discover the breathtaking beauty of the wilderness. She also founded a non-profit organization for Female Empowerment, where she has an effective impact as a doer and foster role models.

Den Podcast findet ihr auf Spotify und Co. oder auf YouTube gleich mit Bild und Ton :-)

Cheers Isa


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